Palate Talent

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Flying Leap of Faith

Many times in our years as Somms on the restaurant floor we have been asked some version of the following question:

“Do you have a naturally great palate or did you have to learn to be a better taster?”

Well, yes and yes.  But, in the interest of not sounding self-absorbed, we want to humbly explain that it’s a balanced combination of both and that YOU too can achieve that balance.

Start with knowing what you like or don’t like about the wines you’re drinking.  Then take a leap of faith and do some blind tasting (even blind buying…providing the wines meet your pre-set price parameters).  The purpose of these blinds is not to learn varietal identification and pass a test.  The purpose is to taste wine without any preconceived notion or judgement of the wine based on varietal or region or producer.  Just taste.  Then like.  Or dislike.  You’ve discovered that you can rely on your own palate to choose wines that will be pleasant company.

The only way our palate talent stays relevant is if we can in some small way share it with you to improve your personal wine situation.  Are you doubting your palate?

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