tiffandsauce are a wife and husband team with a whole host of combined talents involving the world of food and wine.  Tiff, short for Tiffany of course, has been in a restaurant for nearly her entire working life; since 1999.  Sauce, better known as Saucy of the Napa Rose Restaurant at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel, set foot in the industry as a student at the Memphis Culinary Academy in 1998.  They are both Certified Sommeliers with the Court of Master Sommeliers.

For Sauce, these titles make him especially unique in that he is one of the few -if not the only- individual in the World to be all of these:  A professionally trained Chef, a Certified Sommelier, a Certified Cheese Professional with the American Cheese Society, and a Cicerone Beer Server.  Sauce has been starring in his self-written role of Saucy at the Napa Rose for 15 years as of 2015. 

For Tiff, her Sommelier work led to a path of 9 years at an exclusive fine-dining restaurant called The Hobbit, where she spent 6 of those years managing the cellar and buying wine for an amazing list.  The wine list at The Hobbit has been awarded the Best Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator since 1982.  In 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, & 2015, the honor of the Wine Spectator Award was continued under Tiffany’s campaign.  Let’s just say she is mighty proud and at the same time relieved to have never dropped the ball on that one.

Tiff and Sauce have now found themselves in the right place to take on the Whole Hog of Entrepreneurship and have launched their own wine store via their website www.fallingbrightwinemerchants.com

Their small business is focused on one core value:  togetherness.  Why not say family?  Or teamwork?  While those are also of utmost importance, they are a little less specific.  Tiff and Sauce consider a whole lot of people to be their “family” – near and far – related and unrelated.  There is an even wider circle of people that are on their “team” and constantly helping them “work”.  But what is most important is to find togetherness with those people through any means possible.  Sharing a photo, a call, a laugh, a prayer, a meal, a bottle, a roof.  Do what you can to BE Together and focus this togetherness on a one to one basis as you build up each individual in your life.

IMG_6440 (3).JPG
Here’s tiff, sauce, and Kalon aka the small fry.


Since curiosity lingers for most though, let’s introduce the smallest circle of their family:  Tiff is the Mom.  Sauce is the Dad.

Gray Graduates!

Gray Vladimir is the big son that’s off to college.  Kalon Lucius is the little son that’s off to the beach, and Hollywood on occasion.  Liberty Belle is the first Dalmatian adopted from the Orange County Humane Society in 2008.  Justice Jackson is the second Dalmatian adopted from the Save the Dals organization of Los Angeles in 2009.  Dalmatians 3-101 are waiting in shelters for you to come take them home.  Nicholas Cage is the cat that calls the front porch home and Mr. Snookums is the 16 year old Chinchilla that intends to live to be 40.


Now that the introductions are formalized, you are Welcomed to tiffandsauce.  This is the place where you are always invited to stop by just for a quick moment, or to come and stay a while.  This page will be the “bar & lounge” for our virtual storefront where you can meet us on a more personal level.  For your reading & photo viewing pleasure we recommend pulling up a comfortable chair with a beverage of your choice.  Then, call over a friend or a lover to sit with you and share the stories (and maybe even the beverage).

To be the first to know the latest news at Falling Bright, please subscribe to our Members List with your email address here |  SUBSCRIBE  |  There is no cost or commitment to be a part of the list…only the promise that when you purchase wines from us you will behave with authenticity and only share a glass if you want to.  Then, tell us (and all of your other friends) about your wine moments at #fallingbright.


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